Chart Tracker Elite 2525 Version 1.1.1 64BIT

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Please read this topic:? Setting up a trusted location

This program requires Access/Office 32bit
Updated with Replacement Index_bb.html File 19th March 2022

This is the 64-bit pre-release version of Chart Tracker Elite 2525

Please do not use Database Dreams Music and charts for support requests

This project build started on a laptop, now is being developed on a i7 as such should you find that the screens are too small you can adjust this by right clicking on a clear space on your desktop then Display Settings and change scale and layout "change the size of text, apps and other items" To 125% this setting should not affect games Etc.

Once Unzipped open the folder "Chart Tracker Elite 2525" and create a link on your desktop to the? Chart Tracker Elite 2525.accde

If you have not unzipped the folder to C: you will be asked to reconnect to the datafile as in image below.

By default the login system is set not to require you to login ("This can be changed on the Preferences screen" which will open on first use)


Maintenance: You should compact and repair both the data file then the main file in that order at least once a week or should you notice it taking longer to do jobs than normal

NOTE: I use this program myself.

should you receive an error message like in image below you will be unable to use this version please download the 32BIT version.

Posted by: DD Admin May 01, 2022, 04:00 PM

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