Works Manager 32Bit

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Should you wish to have your copy edited please contact us on Fiverr
Please read this topic: Setting Up A Trusted Location

I have added a donate button to the main control and hope users will help me to continue creating free programs in the future.


When you first open database if you havent unziped to C:\ you will be asked to reconnect the data file.

once you have loged in go to system: preferences and update your details then open the employees form and update the admin account adding your name and password YOUR ACCOUNT MUST BE ADMIN

Then add your first customer, Supplier and Products

Please read this topic: Setting Up A Trusted Location

Maintenance: You should compact and repair both the data file then the main file in that order at least once a week or should you notice it taking longer to do jobs than normal

Posted by: DD Admin Oct 17, 2021, 10:00 AM

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