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Please note there are older versions of this Example
Version 3 Here
Version 4 Here

On First Use:

Login Name: Admin
Password: Admin

Open preferences and update The Style should you wish to change it, Select Main Folder Location this is the location of your main picture folder and Style Images.

Other examples used/Functions Used
  • Temp Db And Linking Tables
  • Style manager
  • All screens now use the Working days list setup in preferences.

A copy of the V4 user manual has been included in the main folder.

All know errors from version 4 have been corrected.

New Items:
Grid and related objects
Rota and related objects
Diary weekly view, multi-day tool added

Preferences: This object has been updated and now includes several additional options.
Employees Screens: These have been redesigned and now allows for Users and non-users.
    There are 3 main sections: Employee List, Manager Admin List, Employee form
The calculation for holiday entitlement has been replaced with one that allows for both full time and part time employees ?Preferences Holiday Allotment Calculation?
Holiday Planner: Errors corrected, and screen updated
Schedule Calendar: Updated for the Style Manager plus a home button added
Diary: This has been updated to use the jobs from the rota, a multi-Day tool added
Rota: A Rota system has been added this includes A Jobs system, Weekly tool
Timesheet: Updated for the Style Manager and a Weekly tool has been added It now shows when loading data between operations
Grid: This is a slightly earlier version of the Grid than the download version and has been built to work within this database.

This file has been tested on both 32/64bit systems
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