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Started by DD Admin, Oct 22, 2021, 04:35 PM

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DD Admin

This project is being kept as simple as posible, I am using electrical data as I am a qualified electrician but it will be able to be used by all trades men.

All screens will have a control tip help system with information as to that controls usage and any helpful information I think may help it can be turned on and of in the preferences so it would be able to be used for training.

Both the customer and suppliers have been update from those in DD's simple home accounts
the only differences are the email, website, notes  And for the suppliers A contact field.

You can view stored websites should one be entered.

You can  open your default email client so you can send the selected records an email using the entered email address
As you will see there is button by each field which you use for the above.

I have also added a auto dialer so you can contact suppliers/customers directly from the system you will need this setup to be able to make use of this feature.

All other features work as in DD's Simple Home Accounts

This project will include complete control tip information so should you Need information as to what a button or box does just hover over it for a short message that should aid you

DD Admin

Preferences is where you can set how your program responds to you and the data you add.

Owners Information
I have given the letterhead generator as many option as I can as I think it important for you to be able to create an image you feel is more you, I may be adding additional option further down the road once I have reports built.

At present you can set the following:
  • Letterhead Type: Defult: Use settings as on display, No Letterhead: You have a printed letterhead on your paper, Company Picture: You can add a picture which will then be used this will have it's own settings as to the size and location of said picture "Will be added when reports are available"
  • Alignment: You can left, center or right Align The company Letterhead
  • Font: you can select the font you like for your letterhead "You will be able to create a new list of fonts should you use your own"
  • Company Name, Address Lines And Contact Lines
  • Size: Select the size you wish for each Contact Info Part "Please note you may find some fonts do not change size this depend on the font system settings as some have upper and lower size limits
  • Bold, Italic And UnderLine: Click the box for each part of the address you wish this will then put a tick in the box showing it has been set
  • Colour: To change the colour Double click any of the colour fields this will then display the colour picker where you can select the colour for that part of the address. "Tip: Once you select the first colour add that colour to the custom colours you will be able to use it to set the other two parts of the address the same colour"

DD Admin

Workorders Are simpler than they look to use they have been biased around:
  • Client Calls to enquire about works and requests somebody be sent to do an estimate, a work order is created for that estimate and report printed for engineer to take and fill out with a short description, List of parts and maybe a small drawing to show a basic layout
  • Note: You can create a work order though the estimates screen without creating a work order to carry out the estimate view the estimates section for more information
  • NOTE: the date and other related items in the Start Date for job While the client is on the phone then you should agree a date and time for the Estimate to be carried out you can check the availability of all employees by clicking the "Open Diary At This date" Button, if there is no date the current date is used Review the diary section for information as to the diary useage.
  • The engineer returns to the office with their paperwork brings up the workorder as on the estimate Works Docket now the estimate can be created, Use the create estimate button at the top of the screen once used this is greyed out and cannot be reused for that work order
  • If the client Approves then the estimate is marked as approved, you can then from the estimate screen create a new work Order for the approved estimate this links the new workorder and estimate together
  • I will cover additions to works here

There are two types of addition one where you need to create a new estimate to cover the new works requested and one where the works are only minor and can be dealt with on site
The top list on the screen below shows only approved and additions estimates and there amount is added to the work orders additions charge.

the bottom list is a simple add date short description of works and the cost parts and labour

I will cover the below in more detail as the system is further developed

Note The colours in the #used these are:

DD Admin

DD Admin

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DD Admin

The screen below still has some coding to be added

The first thing you may notice about the screen below is that 2 items are coloured red this has been done to show items not in the suppliers product List to order these item you should create a new purchase Order with a supplIer who has these items in their product list

All the below information will be available in each controls tips

  • PRODUCT: should you wish to view that products entry double click the product name to open the product edit screen.
  • UNITS: These indecate what that item is expected to be delivered like I.E. A Drum of 100 meters of cable would be displayed as Drum (100), You can add or edit units on the products screen.
  • ORDER: This is the reorder level for that product Should the In Stock be less than that you could while adding items for a workorder also add stock items, This can only be edited on the products edit screen
  • ADD: this is the only field on this screen that you can edit, to move from one product to the next you can use the up/down arrows, Add the number of items you require for that product View TICK BUTTON: for more information
  • ESTIMATED: This is the total amount required for a given Work Order at the point of creating the purchase order, this amount may change should you be requested to carry out additional works Should you need to order more products after creating a purchase order you can use this screen with a new purchase order but it will not allow you you to edit one from this screen.  please view the work order topic or estimate topic for more information
  • ADDED: This shows the total amount added for all Purchase Orders related to the assigned work order
  • LAST ORDER: this is the date a purchase order was created for that product to view this information double click the field

DD Admin

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