Showcase Mod Evaluation Task

Started by DD Admin, May 01, 2022, 06:03 AM

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DD Admin

this will detail Errors And What would be needed to use this mod as the Liberian.


  • When EZ Portal Is Installed The "Latest Showcase Items" Shows on the Homepage instead of Board Index, "not sure if this was done intentionally"
  • there is no protection Against oversizing some text field(s)
  • I have noted pages internal to this mod seem to open in a new window

  • font awesome icon: Is There A List of icons Available?/A Bit more info on use would help as I haven't used these before, But would be better to replace with a upload icon image that displays left of cat name
  • Add Uploads to The Showcase Items: This would be complicated buy the Post to topic Function but would be simple to workaround
  • Add additional Lists for say Genre with the showcase Items so the creator can select one or more like: Science Fiction, Fiction, Space, Space Opera ect these should also be added to the search options?
  • Add List so members can mark Showcase Items As Read, Reading, Fav Etc. But Allow for admin to create list that users can select one or more items, as would be different for each admin if used at all
  • Add Rating system for items
  • Integration with shop mods: "Posting Points ECT" 

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