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Started by DD Admin, Feb 23, 2022, 09:46 PM

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DD Admin

Project Tasks: Code Library

This will include a list of feature, Program Flow & Business rule Etc

I will be designing A Online version of my MS Access Adin.

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  • Members can add Code and set it Public, Private
  • selected Groups Can View Code Library Only
  • The code should use the same system as the Topics I.E. BBCode ["Code"]["/code"] So comments can be used
  • Comer Separated Keywords Should be used
  • A Category/Class List should be used (See Image Above)
  • Main Lists: Platforms & Objects (Filter by one or All)
  • Allow File Uploads Depending of members permissions (One Or More)
  • Main Tabs for Adding/Editing Code should be Module, Class, Function, Sub, Snippet, Modification Or Other
  • Allow for code header Tags Like Description, Called By, Calls, Parameters, Returns, Author(s),Editor(s), Date Created(Text), Requirements These can be Added like poll questions??, Author(s),Editor(s) Should Be Links To A Members Profile
  • Rev. History Should be tracked Member Undertaking the revision, What The Revision Replaced, The Record should show both Original And Revised Version Highlighting Original And Changed
  • A Code Colour Compiler Should be created for At minimum SQL, HTML, PHP, VB, VBA or a combination, And it should be User(Admin) Updatable?? (VERSION 1.2-3)
  • Code Should include Code Notes, Example, License, Versions
  • User Comments
  • Project ID Included with Code Table for future versions Linking to task manager
  • Members should be able to rate code and or like it
  • Objects May require a Field for List order??
  • Page View Counter (Per Code Page)
  • My Code to include watch for updates

Search System Options.
  • By Title
  • By Type (Function, Sub Etc)

  • Can Add Files (Per Members Group, Platforms & Objects)
  • Can Add List Items (Category/Classes, Objects, Platforms Etc) (Per Group)
  • File Types
  • Can Use Search (Per Group)
  • Can Rate/Like Code (Per Group)
  • View Code Library (Per Group)
  • Can Leave Comments Code (Per Group)

Detailed Descriptions

Screens Required

  • Main Code window
  • Code Entry/Edit
  • Category/Class Entry Edit
  • Platform Entry/Edit
  • Objects Entry Edit
  • Code Colour Compilers Entry/Edit (VERSION 1.2-3)
  • Options Entry Edit
  • Permissions: (Admin section??)
  • Code Header Tags Labels Entry/Edit (Language??)
  • Editors edits

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