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Title: DD Approved Members group Added
Post by: DD Admin on June 05, 2020, 12:48:35 pm
I have today added a new members group called DD Approved.

members of this group will have access to downloads in the Database Dreams Approved Members Downloads (;cat=9) plus will have the option to add their own downloads should they wish not to make them available to all memebers.
There are two ways you will be given access

You can request access to this group via your profile but will only be excepted if you have 25 or more good posts I.E. If your posts are just made to get your post count up you will not be given access,
any downloads you have added from 15 posts onwards will also be taken into account.
Although your post count will be added to by 1 for each picture you upload to the gallery if your total post count is  made up mostly of gallery posts these will not be counted towards your 25 posts


You can also tell us what other sites you take part on we will than look at your posting on those sites, we will try to ascertain if you are a helper or not.
Send ADMIN (;sa=send;u=1) a pm with your user name(s) If different from your DD user name and links to the forums you are a member of.

A Member of The dream team or admin will review your  request.

Admin Reserves the right to refuse any memeber enty