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  • Members with 15 or more posts can upload files
  • Maximum Upoads size is 25mb
  • When uploading a file, the following would be expected.
    • You should add with the file between 1 and 8 images
    • A description of what your database does.
    • Do not add links to other resources on other sites your zip file must contain all items required.
    • If your file requires a password/login you must include this information with the description.
    • Use the keywords this will make finding your download easier.
    • making your description look better will increase the chances of it being downloaded.
  • Only Zip files will be excepted.
  • All files must be access related (I may extend that to other Office programs later)
  • You must be the developer or have their permission to add their files.
  • The code must be fully editable, contained in a mdb, mda, accdb, accda, text or bas file.
  • All files will require approval and will be checked.
  • Files that do not meet our standards will NOT be approved (Standards Below)
    • All code must have error handling
    • Credits must be given for code used from others.
    • It should not contain unrelated forms/modules, you may think them helpful, but it can make working out how something works impossible.
  • Check your upload space limit Here For your members group.
  • Hot linking is not permitted should you wish to link to your file link to the downloads page.

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