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You will notice the paypal button at the top of the right hand side bar I would like the explain why I have asked for donations

  1. This site although a free site has expenses as below
    1. I have to pay for every page view which costs me about £12 per 50,000 views otherwise you will have to put up with adverts.
    2. the file space has to be paid for after 250mb I have 1.13Gb Remain from the amount I have purchased, this is used everyware on the site, Forums, Avatars, Gallery and downloads and costs about £39 per Gb.
    3. also I have purchased the following features Downloads Section and other minor improvments like the newsletter system.
    4. I would like to be able to purchase a domin name for the site but cannot afford that at present.
    5. At present I am able to keep everything free but may have to take steps like charging for some projects released in the future.
    6. Finally there is the time i use in creating all the examples and developer tools this is thousands of hours per year plus the work put into this site.


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