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Contact Manager

DD's Contact
Filesize: 1.84MB  Views: (722)  Downloads (38)  Last Download: July 14, 2021, 06:54:05 am 
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Description: Resources Links
Contact Manager Forums
Should you wish to have your copy edited please contact us so we can discuss your needs
Include this program as part of your Bespoke Software solution 150
Please read this topic: Setting Up A Trusted Location

The following has been added to this CRM
  • A Licence Agreement Screen
  • The Main control now shows which file you are linked to I.E. Main Or Sample Data
  • Data errors with the switch datafile have been corrected
  • Logout System Added
  • All Datafiles have now been updated to accdb
  • A Registration system has been add to the ribbon and a link in admin section

There is a manual within the DD's Contact Manager Folder

Login Name: Admin
Pasword: Admin

On first user do the following:
  • Click Administration: Preferences: then update all fields: Log Off after x to 0 will disable it (May need to close screen): Dropdown: Main folders Location: these must point to where you have put the A-Z folders
  • Click Administration: Employees: Add any others plus update the admin user INCLUDING password but don't forget your password I can reset it but there would be a charge
  • Click Administration: Preferences: Then the tab letterhead setup and Replace the default details with your details

This program requires Access 32bit

NOTE: if you don't unzip the file to c: you will have to reconnect it the connection system will ask for a location select your "Contact Manager Data.accdb"

Will not work on 64 bit systems

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Posted by: DD Admin May 02, 2020, 09:59:28 am

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