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I started working with Microsoft Office back in 1995

To be honest I still don't know what made me start working with access

Once I got the bug I just couldn't stop, I designed a lot of programs in the early days, looking at them now I wonder how they worked as well as they did.

One of my first programs was called chart tracker elite which was released in 2004 and was downloaded thousands of times as you will see I am now redesigning this program making it even more useful, It will now include a copy of Apollo plus a large number of additional feature for more information please see the Chart Tracker Elite 2525 homepage Here


I took a break for a few years but could never shake the bug so returned to designing programs in 2018

About The Site

We currently have over 40 downloads from Simple examples to full projects available.

All our files are available free without limits.

Over the years I have given and recieved a lot of help those people who have homepages have been added to our access links Here

I am always looking for members who would like to help me with testing one or more projects, should you wish to take part in a project and help with its development with suggestions on features Etc, and while testing information as to any issues please contact DD Admin

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