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Author Topic: Apollo Manual: Preferences  (Read 84 times)

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Apollo Manual: Preferences
« on: January 18, 2021, 11:36:26 am »
Please note this system uses the Style Manager I have shown some objects using different styles to give you an idear of what each style looks like


The preferences screen will display when you first open DJ 2020, An option will be visible called "Do Not Run Setup Again" If you put a tick in the box the screen will not be displayed again when you open DJ 2020.

Style Selection:
The List at the very top with the picture will change the style click the button to the top right to open the list, There are 11 styles installed these can be changed at anytime.
Calendar Colour Selection:
Below The Style Selection Is the calendar colour selections to change the colour for any of the 3 options just click the item you wish to change, this will open the color selection screen.
File Locations:
3 default folders have been added to The main DJ 2020 Folder These will be set as the defults below
  • Music Storage: Select the folder where your music is stored "I store mine on one drive so find users/your account/onedrive folder and select where you have your music"
  • Artists Image Storage: DJ 2020 Comes with a default set of folders these are called "Artists A-Z Folders" these were created because of the number of artists and picture I have "Please view the section below called Use A To Z Folders"

Use A To Z Folders:
Note Once you have added folders to a artist you will be locked into the option selected

By default this is set ticked and the default set of Artists A-Z Folder will be used.
Please see the DJ 2020 Manual: Artists For more information

Company Information:
This information is also required by the Reqistration System, And the Events Report

Complete all boxes between Company Name And Website.
Please note any information  supplies to database dreams will NEVER be used for ANYTHING other than internal systems.


when you add a new users name the password entry screen will open allowing you to add a password then click save password.
The password will only prevent others from accessing the program, it is not used to record who did what.

Replace Text System:
This item will contain 11 Default entries you will not be able to edit/delete these items
Once you have added data into the Replace text and Replace With Fields it is highly recommended you not edit it.
The system will not allow the same entry in Replace Text for different records.
  • Create Replace List: This button will be enabled by default but once you click the button, next time you open the preferences screen it will be disabled

Should you have questions related to this object please post a reply and we will be happy to help solve your issue.
« Last Edit: January 26, 2021, 10:28:50 am by DD Admin »

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