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Apollo is a program I have wanted to build for more years than I can remember but Wasn't able to get the player to work correctly, but now I have finally got it working not only that it's working better than I could have hoped.

I started this project in DJ 2020 with the simple player, but have in Apollo created a player with a wealth of options.

  • By Artists / Tracks
  • By Artist /Albums
  • By Genre
  • By Dance Types
  • By Collection
  • By Most Played
  • Find / Play Tracks
  • By Playlist
  • All Tracks
  • You can add tracks to one or more of the following while playing.
    • Genres
    • Collections
    • Dance Types
    • Playlists
    • an option is available to reset the screen to the view before adding to lists.

Requires Microsoft Office/Access

Features In Apollo

  • 2 music players
  • Easily Add Albums / tracks
  • Artists Entry / recordings list
  • Search Artists, Recordings, Tracks or open Music Player with selected Collection Playing.
  • A number of reports are available with full filtering.
  • Create / edit playlists.

I will be using this program myself.


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