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DJ 2020 Home

DJ 2020 is a freeware program that has been designed by an ex-disc jockey from the 80'S and early 90's before The time I had a PC.

Why as a Disc Jockey would you need to use a program such as DJ 2020 the simple answer is do you really know if you have made any money or how much your shows (We call Them Discos) cost or even if those Discos have paid for themselves.

With DJ 2020 you have access to thousands of potential reports using the report filter system covering all items that you may require information from.

You can use the financial system to help you decide if you can afford a new lighting effect for one or more of your shows (Disco).

DJ 2020 Does not take VAT/TAX into account, this is a decision we made when we decided to build this project as a freeware product, we wanted it to help those who would benifit more from it than those already earning over the VAT threshold.

should you wish your copy to be upgraded to enable VAT/TAX please Contact us

DJ 2020 Features

  • Clients Management System including a file system & search engine
  • Events calendar with search engine.
  • Events system with Regular events creator.
  • Pre event requests and playlists
  • The Apollo music library
  • Print options that cover all sections
  • Print items system attached to Artist screen, Events & Discos
  • Financial system to help you plan for future investments.

Requires Microsoft Office/Access

As all DJ's (that I know that is) are music collectors I personally collected  around 70 thousand tracks over the last 35 years so I have used this within DJ 2020 and have included a complete Music Library (Apollo) that makes adding each album stored on your Pc or even if you still have all your collection on vinal.

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