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Author Topic: User manual  (Read 145 times)

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User manual
« on: December 15, 2019, 02:57:29 am »
NOTE: THIS PROGRAM USES THE STYLE MANAGER SO SCREENS BELOW MAY SHOW DIFFERENT STYLES AS I HAVE BEEN TESTING THAT WITH THIS PROJECT.I'm going to start with the main chart Details screen as you need this before any others.

The required items on the charts editor.
  • Chart Name
  • Update Day
  • Days Between
  • Format
  • Label Name
  • Sales Name
  • Cat Name
I will add a short description of the above items and there usage.

Add the name for your chart then select the day the chart is to be updated.
Add the days between your chart this will normally be 7 but it could be 14 Etc.
The Number of entries are used as a default, I will cover where this is obtained below.
See below about adding formats
Label Name, Sales Name and Cat Name Are used in the displays of reportsand on the main charts screen.
If you are always adding Sales data or what ever you call it ref above tick the firat tick box

Add/Select a group name or click the button to add/edit items to the list
Add/Select a Chart Country or use the button by the list to add/edit Items

You can add a web page to the Source link field which you can view by clicking the button next to the field.


The first image is for adding editing/ Formats
the other two are for both countries and chart groups

NOTE: Once items have been added for a format you will not be able to delete the format.

You can filter most lists as you type by adding text into the field above the list.

Using the main chart entry screen
Selecting the chart from the list will update all other items above the charts list.
If you have already added charts for the selected chart this charts last weeks details will be displayed and the two dates for chart from to weekending will dispaly that charts date.

Please note all charts are added weekending this is a holdover from the original version.
Adding data to the Last field has been limited to 0nly allow for numbers plus the following words "New", "Re", "Ri"

TIP: You can use the todo's to go to charts you are adding if your not adding them in sequence.
View Last image next post for more information

Adding chart details is very simple all you have to do is add a number into the last text box for last weeks chart this will force the system to get the details for last weeks chart using the days between and update the current chart you may need to add a cat no and or a Label if they weren't used in the previous weeks chart.

Once you have added your chart entry if it's a New, Re Or Ri you can use the small button to right of the entity to open the entities screen for that entity where you can update there details (View the entities screen for more information second Image next post)

Adding "New", "Re" Or "Ri" into the Last field will display the screen below where you can Select/Add Entities or Select/Add Items
once you have selected or added you entity and item click the button "add selected entity and item to chart"
Using the search features
Add a word of the entity you wish to search for this will then display all entities matching, selecting the one you wish will then update the items list for the entity and format should the entity not be in th list click the button "Add New Entity" you can then add an item for you new entity give it a name a year and category then click the button "Add New Item"
NOTE: When added a new entity like a featuring, And, &, / Etc Combinations you should use a consistant naming convention like Feat. which i use this will help finding entities on re-entries Etc

Chart Events
Select the chart this event relates to.
Add the date for this event.
If the event is the number of entries you should add the new number of entiries from the date added.
Add A Description for this event.
you can add more than one event for a chart Date.
« Last Edit: January 22, 2020, 07:55:57 pm by Michael »

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Re: User manual
« Reply #1 on: December 31, 2019, 03:37:15 pm »
This screen is available on the chart entry screen, Chart Creator and the entities Items List
All 3 Sceens second button on left of list

You will notice there is always One Item In the list you cannot delete this item unless you have added an additional Entity.
To add a new entity to the relationships for this item click the button Add Entity "A Link Will be added to this object"
Once you have added your item it will be dsplayed in the list.
You can view/edit any entity by double clicking the name.
If the Entity Name contains more than one entity like featuring entites you should click the option for combo but should your entity be the actual entity and is not the featuring entity Etc click the Lead.
As in image below.
A Points system may be added in a later version, The required Fields have been added to the data file.

Working with The Entity Screen
Starting at the very top of the screen
Find Item: if your entity has a large number of items you can use the by adding part of an items name then clicking the button next to the find Item box.
Tip: If after you have used the filter Item and the list is still large you can also use the filter by:
Filter By: if you have an item in the Find Item the filter item will use both to only match both, But should you select  "<<All>>" from the filter by list the entities list will be reset to display all items.
Use the button next to the Entity will open your default browser and do a google search for the entity
NOTE: Both & and " " will be replaced with a + for the search.
Add a entity type like Male group, Female group, mixed group Etc. you can add a type into the list should it not be in the list you will be asked if you would like to add said item.
you can also add a sub type like rock band, songwriter Etc again if you add a item to the list it will ask if you would like to add it.
Type can be whatever you wish them to be.

The item chart histories viewer/editor
This screen it used to edit chart runs and can be filtered by a chart by selecting one from the filter by chart list select "<< All >>" To display all chart runs.
The chart run editor and Catalogue/Label editor will be covered below.
You can edit any of the following Label, Catalogue, Sales, Pos, Last should you need
The bottom list is only for your information and covers all charts the item has been in.

Chart Run Ediitor
With this tool you can move selected chart entries to other related items for the selected Item.
First select An Entity than a related item to move the selected chart run to.
You can select one or more items in the chart Dates List or to select all items in the list click the select all.
If you wish to delete the item after switching click the delete box but you should note the item will not be able to be deleted if there are any chart dates still assigned to it.

Label/Catalogue Editor
You can only work with one chart at a time with this tool.
select a chart you wish to work with NOTE: If you have a chart selected on the history screen this chart will be preselected for you.
You can select one or more chart dates or use the select all button to select all the chart dates.
with this tool you have three ways of updating the selected chart dates
  • Update just the Label
  • Update just the Cat#
  • Or click the update both
You must have an entry in each item you are updating.
If you wish to overwrite the Current label or cat # click the related option this will work with all three options.

Chart To Do's
If you have a lot of todo's you can select the chart from the limit by list.
To add a new todo first select the chart it will relate to then tab to next field and click the calendar icon that will be displayed next to the weekending date.
you can add a link to a website.
Under those fields you can add a short descrition.
you can edit a todo if your adding charts from the web you could add the last page
The button next to the chart list will display the chart for the selected chart/Date
you can copy a web link from the web and use the button next the the web page field
use the button next to the past button to view a web page
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Re: User manual
« Reply #2 on: January 22, 2020, 06:18:35 pm »
I will be adding info over the next few days

The image below shows the default settings.
The List at the very top with the picture will change the style click the button to the top right to open the list, There are 11 styles installed these can be changed at anytime.
Security Settings have been set so the system will not require login you can change this should you feel you wish to add an extra level of protection, Change the Security Setting: to Require Login and update the user name and password, Do not forget your login details I can unlock it but there will be a charge
You can update the colour codes by clicking the colour pallet image.
after you have updated other options you can go to the charts or entities screen and view a colour Report from the reports screen


Searching the database
You can add as many options as you like until you get the results you want once your happy you can either view an entities items list or print the results.

Printing Charts
Follow the steps then print or preview your chart.

Printing Entities
Follow the steps then print or preview your chart.

Chart Creator
I have given you as much control over the chart creator as possible.
It can produce results like:


Notice the green positions
but the compiler will only produce a chart of the numeber show in the Top: fields I have built in a way for you to add more should you need.
NOTE: you cannot add charts through the View Chart List you must use the button next to the list
NOTE: when adding a new chart for the chart creator you must tick the chart creator option at the botton of the screen otherwise your chart will not be displayed in the list
To add a new chart you must be viewing the chart you wish to add a new week to so select the chart from the view charts list then click the add week button a blank chart will be created you should then select the next date for your chart.
To Add Entities and items to the list click third button on left hand side of list "The Add Entity and item Screen" will be covered below.
After you select your Entity and Item the list will be updated to display those items plus it will fill out the last position with the position for last week or show New Or Re
You can add the additional items for label and cat #. You can call these what you wish for a chart
You can add the votes or whatever you call it then you can complie your chart by clicking the Compile Chart button.
Check your chart if you wish to add aditional entries you can click the IN option you may wish to do this when the compiler creats a chart where the last two postions as like:
so that chart will have 10 items but will end at 9 you can correct that should you wish by clicking the option for IN for additional items as required
sometimes a chart may end with a number of 10's but only one will be included you can add the second 10 by clicking the option In for the second 10
when altering a chart make sure you update the Pos as well As the IN Option.
Once you click post chart you will no longer be able to edit it

The Add Entity and item Screen
This screen is the same as the Main charts Add entity/Item screen except the list on the left,  This list is items from the previous chart whIch when selected will update the Entity and items list so that Item can then be added to your chart in the same way as you would with the Main Charts entry system.
« Last Edit: January 25, 2020, 04:38:21 pm by Michael »

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Re: Registration
« Reply #3 on: January 22, 2020, 06:25:11 pm »
Regitering your copy


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